dealshanes best of the best sale – 50% off best sellers


When they said "best sellers" I was expecting boxers, socks, and tee shirt bras, not cotton pique polo shirts, bootcut sweatpants, and pocket tees. Didn't realize their best sellers were apparel, not underwear. Is Hanes like a thing now?


They have always been "a thing". Walmart has carried their non-underwear stuff for a loooooooong time. Their stuff is popular for work clothes and gym clothes too.

If you go skipping through your closet you probably have more than a few hanes tee's since a bunch of companies use Hanes blanks for their designs.

Whats annoying as hell is now there are different versions of underwear. Premium, comfort, v neck premium comfort soft spun kiss my ** I just want a damn undershirt.This crap keeps up I'm going to have to study the genetics of a frickin' cotton plant to pick socks out.


They also have free shipping on orders over $60

Here is a link to a promo code I just used for an extra 15% offf of orders over $75

These will stack. I just got free shipping and an extra $11.38 off of an order slightly over $75 though I did have to pay $3.87 tax.


Using Promo code 88050 gets you another 10% if you don't have $60 for free shipping or $75 for the 15% code.

And I'm with @berley819: I have never heard of bootcut sweatpants. That sounds like a contradiction in terms if I have ever heard one.