dealsobi110 voice service bridge and voip telephone…


I use Google Voice for the free Voip phone service. I do pay an extra $1.50 to CallCentric so that I can have e911 on my phone. It's a small cost and hopefully I'll never have to use it, but for a $1.50 a month, it's worth it.


One more thing. I may have titled it wrong, you do need high speed internet (at least 1.5Mbps), so it is not totally free. You do need to connect it to the router, so your internet has to be yours, not bootlegged wifi from the neighbor. But for me, I was on Comcast paying over $100 a month for internet and phone. I switched to Centurylink HighSpeed internet for $35.00 and got this. I'm paying about a third of what I was before and I have 2 phone lines.

The only other negative I can think of is the CallerId function. GoogleVoice does not go out to the databases and pull names. So on my callerid, I just see the phone number without any names. I do have phones where I can program in names, so I do that for people I talk to a lot. On the other end, it does not have my name in a database either, so I come up on other peoples' phones as "Unknown Caller" but it does show my number.

To keep my current landline number, I ported to a Tracfone first, then to Google Voice. It does work.