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I paid full price for this when it was released and have never regretted it. This is a brilliant show, and it was on Friday nights, so it's shocking that Fox didn't cancel it after five or six episodes.

I just checked, and I got it from for $69.99 in July of 2006. And it was worth it.


I am on hold with their customer service because I filled out the form to order, clicked place order and it said it was processing---and froze---nothing happened after that for 20 minutes now. Holding on the phone for 15 minutes so far. I should have bought this from Amazon, its only 20.78 and eligible for free shipping ---That's only 79 cents more. I am really aggravated.


And now the theme song is in my head.


Ahhhhhhh... this show is where I first fell in love with Kelly Rutherford (as femme fatale Dixie Cousins).

She's such a dreamgirl, and a classy Kentucky girl!!!


There's a better deal available if you're a Costco member; I recently picked this up from them for only $12.99. Not available online unfortunately. And Bruce Campbell rules!


I bought this set as a gift for a friend and watched it all the way through before sending it. About a year later, I was sorry I couldn't watch it again so I bought a copy for myself. Bruce Campbell is pretty awesome.

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