dealsmalwarebytes anti-malware lifetime for $9.99…


I was on a short free trial period. Went to check when it would be over, and found the program corrupted. Uninstalled it, and bought this. Thanks!


I get to new egg and it states its 20 bucks...


@theforce3417: Enter the promo code at checkout. The savings will be applied before you complete the purchase.


@theforce3417: use promo code above... it is 9.99.


If I had a nickel for every time someone said "when I click the link, it costs more" because they didn't read about the promo code, I'd be a millionaire.


picked up a copy. thanks for sharing this one!


how many pc's can you put it on?


@juliank24: I bought this earlier in the year when I saw it here. I was able to put it on 4 different machines but only my primary machine has the auto-updates. The other 3 machines I have to remember to check for updates. It's been a good buy. Has caught plenty my antivirus and firewalls have missed.


I just nailed some adware with a MBAM scan last night. Fantastic deal, been using the free version for years but it's probably time to pay up. I would argue that antimalware is even more important than antivirus since worms and trojans have mostly given way to for-profit rogue applications and drive-by downloads.


What's the difference between this, and the free version I already have?


@djp519: The paid version has a real-time scanner that runs in the background along with auto-updates.


definitely worth it, I highly recommend this software!