deals30 day free trial to blockbuster total access…


What a deal!!! The same offer they've been running on their website for ages!

Insert 3 parts sarcasm, 1 part meh


How is this even still positive? It is NOT a special deal. It is just blatant advertising.


It's not any cheaper than Netflix, really. Ok, so three DVDs is $19.99, but for that at Netflix, I get two at a time PLUS streaming. For about $4 more, you can get the three DVDs plus streaming. The only real advantage I can see is that Blockbuster includes games and blu-ray (which costs extra if you're with Netflix), and store exchange; but really, are there any actual Blockbusters open anymore? If you just want discs through the mail, it's not too bad, I suppose, but if you want streaming, this deal is not really much of a deal at all.


Unlimited in-store exchanges

Too bad they are closing a good bit of their stores in most areas.


@wisenekt: are closing?! I haven't seen one open in years!


Don't think there's a single blockbuster here anymore. 3 years ago I knew of at least 4 stores in an 8 mile radius.


I'm just finishing up my free 30 day trial of blockbuster and here are my observations:

Blockbuster is almost twice as slow as Netflix. I get 2 day turnaround with Netflix. Blockbuster is 5 or 6 days.
Blockbuster's queue isn't as easy to navigate and reorder, no dragging and dropping. Instead you have change the priority numbering.
Minor quibble, but blockbuster's envelopes are terrible, the adhesive strips fall off.
Blockbuster's service feels Iike it exists to up sell you everything. there are myriad ways to pay extra with blockbuster's buy it for x dollars more or instant rentals or other advertisements.
Blockbuster does offer new releases earlier, and also gives you many more choices for special edition disks and bluray at no extra charge.
But, on the whole the slow service is the unforgivable . I would not choose blockbuster over Netflix .


I tried the 30 day free trial pretty much for a couple DVD's since my girlfriend was hogging the Netflix queue. The service is okay, but the price is outrageous considering what you're paying for vs. Netflix.

This is not a deal though, the first month is always free... ALWAYS. Free is free though, so you might as well just indulge for a month! haha


@nectsta: You do know you can give your girlfriend her own Netflix queue, right?


Blockbuster is quite the evil corporation. They tried charging me for a DOZEN DVDs that I had returned when I was subscribed to this plan.


I went with Blockbuster because Netflix kept raising prices and then they slpit the streaming and dvd into 2 different services. I know it's not that expenxive still, but it's just the priciple. I like the Netflix website, it is way easier to use, but I have a Blockbuster store a block from where I work. I think the new releases at Blockbuster are a lot closer to being new, netflix new releases seamed more than a year old.


Just a failed company grasping at the last few dollars before the creditors liquidate them.


@patberry: this was what like a year and a half ago? Goes to show you how rarely a deal like this comes across lol


Is this business model still in existence? I thought blockbuster and netflix were both gone by now.


@winget: Netflix cancelled the split and rename. You're not as current as you think you are.

Worth it, if there actually is a Blockbuster near you. There was one when I moved three months ago, but it closed. Got a lot of cheap DVDs and blu-rays. Maybe I should cancel my Netflix DVD service, as I don't turn the discs over terribly often.


As it has been said not a deal (duh they pull this every 2 months on Woot!) HOWEVER this IS worth it if you have a BB store nearby.... I was so disappointed when they closed the one near my house because of the in store exchange.

BB online streaming is terrible... not a selling point for any other their promotions - don't buy into that.

BB online is not bad and they ship quickly, I had it for over 3 years, but no store and prices didn't justify keeping the service being a Netflix subscriber.


Did you find this with your free month of AOL diskette?


@happyadam: no it was next to my Compuserve floppy


Wait, I thought they changed the name to BlockBUSTED...?


Blockbuster is still alive?


Logged in for the first time in over a year just to down-vote this.


I don't know how a constant promotion is a 'deal'. Voted down... if it was a 3-month free trial I could see posting it, but this is just stupid.


@90mcg112: As someone who was with Blockbuster for 3 years before switching to Netflix, I had the exact same complaints about Netflix when I made the switch. After being with Netflix 1+ years, I finally switched back to BB.

Blockbuster's website is TONS easier to navigate than Netflix's. In fact, after a year I still have trouble figuring out how in the hell to just look at their new streaming releases (as in for new movies....not just new to Netflix). The Blockbuster website made this a non-issue.

Blockbuster's mail service is nowhere near as slow as you're describing it if you use their exchange program (and why wouldn't you, as this is the biggest advantage over netflix). You can literally get twice the movies in the same amount of time. I had it worked out beautifully so that I would get a new movie every single day (via mail or exchange).

I'm not sure what part of BFE you guys live, but there are about 10 blockbusters withing 20 minutes of being 1 mile away.


@photoguy83: Funny......I upvoted someone else on this page just to downvote you.


It seems most are missing the fact that you can also rent games from Blockbuster. I had Netflix years ago and dropped it. Then I got Gamefly for the kids until I found I could get the best of both from Blockbuster for less than I was paying.


@happyadam: I used to love the free AOL floppies! I would re-format them and use them. Then they switched to CDs. I made CD clock, a set of rainbow coasters, then I had to throw the rest out.


@punkcrib: I live close to Ft. Worth, Texas and the nearest BB is nearly 5 miles away.... Then 8, 8, 8, 11, 11, etc. This isn't exactly BFE.


I have to say, the only reason I would support Blockbuster over Netflix is a mix of nostalgia, and the fact that when people were upset over the price increase Netflix initiated, their response was basically "DON'T CARE, ALREADY DECIDED LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING." Instead of a more reasonable, say "Sorry about the price increase, but due to increasing blah blah blah blah blah we felt the former price increase necessary to continue the outstanding service that you've come to love."

Lowered my opinion of 'em a bit.

That said, Blockbuster's service may be more useful to you if you still somehow have a store open near you. Or if you feel sorry for a company that's gone downhill so fast.


Almost as hated as netflix


I think thefenst likes posting things that get abused.
He must be paying for something in a previous life.


Am I the only one that LOVES REDBOX? I have no need for Netflix or Blockbuster?


@punkcrib: I live 2 miles outside Washington, DC, hardly bfe. The closest blockbusters are 10+ miles away, which might as well be 2 hours away in traffic. I'm sorry if you don't believe me, but the fastest I get new movies from blockbuster is almost a week. They were shipping from Richmond, va or gaithersburg, MD.