dealscontrary to popular belief no one owes you…


Seems like a rather presumptuous thing to say to every person who sees you on a particular day...


I borrowed $10 from a co-worker a couple of weeks ago... I'm pretty sure someone owes him something


When did that belief become popular anyways???


@superllama7 - Agreed! I loaned my brother $1,500. I sure hope that he believes he owes me something...haha.


I have a shirt that says this, one of my favorites... I don't honestly care if some people find offence to it, sometimes the truth hurts.


@pdvc19: our family policy has become,... you don't loan money to family. You can give them money, with no strings attached, it they need it, but don't loan it. Sure we've allowed some exceptions, but in general I suggest it to all. One day if you need money, they can give you some, but being "in debt" to a family member (or close friend) is not the best position. Why not give it to them?

Side note: I like the overall message of the shirt... should we feel like police and fire services are 'owed' to us? I don't, that's why I'm glad to have a job and pay taxes which help fund their work. Do I want mandated healthcare - NO, why should I have to buy something optional that I don't always want/need? Should I be mandated to buy life insurance? (What's next?) Liberty first!


When did that belief become popular anyways???

Came to fruition under Obama....