deals50% off your entire purchase - mattresses…


This merchant seems to offer a lot of 50% off deals.

Don't know that this is an extraordinary deal, but the sparse reviews I found:
look pretty positive, plus there's a 20 year warranty (prorated after 10 years). Hopefully someone else is familiar with the customer service / warranty support, but even barring that, this is a tempting offer, especially since I have been eyeing the no-name foam mattresses that show up on woot every so often.


Whelp, just bought me a mattress pad. It's not so much 50% off as much as it is a 100% ignorance fee if you buy it without one of the thousands of readily available codes, but I'll take it for what it is...

$180 for a 3" memory foam mattress pad seems pretty unbeatable. We'll see what the quality is like, but I have a feeling this will make my futon actually sleep-on-able.


Just bought the memory foam slippers, not bad for $15 and free shipping. I have seen similiar slippers that sell for over $50.


Must be some markup if they're able to offer 50% off everything all the time.


50% of WHAT ? ? ? ? the deal is meaningless if you don't have a starting price to make comparisons.