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I bought one of these a few months ago, use it everyday and I love it. Less bulky than anything else I've tried while still having plenty of space for cards and cash. Highly recommended and I'll be handing them out as stocking stuffers this year.


ive been using this one for about a year, its even thinner and works great
a bit cheaper here


@commodog: Looks like something an elementary school kid would take to the arcade.... Or maybe exchange tickets for at the arcade?


@firebirdude: works great tho, I don't give a crap what my wallet looks like as long as it holds the crap it needs to and its light.


I havent bought one of these, used one, or ever even seen one. I do however have a Mojito wallet (similar concept, just looks a lot better) and I love it. Im primarily cashless, so money clips have never worked for me, and I have a tendency to stuff standard wallets full to epic proportions. A slim wallet that forces me to carry it in a front pocket and cant get over stuffed? Brilliant! Seriously, my back feels way better not sitting on a wallet anymore.


@say592: I actually prefer the look of the Phi'ls Wallets (not to mention my name is Phil), and the price!. Never had a mojito it just looks stupid to me and not well constructed. I bought a single Phil's Wallet a long time ago and I am getting 2 now during the sale!
It's great because it holds cash too. And they recycle all of their materials.


I'm a big fan of this wallet. It holds all my cards, a few business cards, and even the occasional cash bill. As a personal defense/security concious person, I appreciate the slim, light design for use as a front pocket wallet that is nigh-impossible to steal. The (small) part of me that is eco-friendly likes that the materials used are recycled and not wasted as excess in some other manufacturer's process cycle. The cost is phenomenally low for leather goods, not to mention for hand-made products. The uniqueness of a one-of-a-kind piece is also a plus - it's not just another boring wallet; it's something that I willingly show to other people. Service was great and delivery was fast. I can't recommend Phil's Wallets enough.