deals32gb playstation vita memory card: video games…


Not a bad deal, considering the list price of the 32GB is $99.99. Still kinda high, but meh. It's proprietary Sony-branded memory. Definitely a good time to pick up a HC card for your Vita if you don't already have one.


This is a good deal, but Im still waiting for the prices to come down. Most of the best games to play on the Vita right now are PS1 classics anyway.


Best Buy has had the same deal over the past few days, frankly, I'm using Amazon, less and less, I actually thought Amazon would try to be more competitive with their pricing, but Best Buy already price matches with Amazon, and they're starting to have these deals first, with Amazon trying to copy them. I don't know about you, but it was so great to order this late one night and picked it up the next morning. Lately, Amazon has been playing catch up, this deal isn't exclusive to them either. if you want to get it immediately Best Buy has the same deal!

On a side note, It's ridiculous how Sony is charging this much for memory cards, so dumb, i've considered selling my Vita, I'm using my Wii U way more anyways, and offscreen play is probably one of the best features when someone wants the TV


@uclabru1: I wouldn't agree at all with your opinions on amazon playing catch-up, but it is a fair point that best buy has the item for the same price, with in-store-pickup.


Not sure on the Vita, but on the PSP slim there was a $2 adapter that you could plug micro SD cards into. If workable on the Vita, hella cheaper than the Sony ones.


@gabesmalley: not really an option here, vita cards are smaller


@jtaclas: fair enough, but can you even think of any amazing electronic deals that Amazon has had that are BETTER than Best Buy? All i'm saying, is that Amazon should be more competitive in this market, when i can walk down the street and pick this up for the same price with tax...