dealsharbor freight 25% off super coupon for new year…


nice! this is exacty what i need!


Thanks! I always need something from harbor freight.


Great, now I have an excuse to spend money there (again) :)


just fyi: there is at least one (if not two or sometimes three) 20% off coupon(s) in my Sunday paper for Harbor Freight every single week. Seriously. Every week. So if you need something and you don't want to shop on New Years day... well there you go.


@jessbbg: So all I need to do is steal your newspapers?



Some are yes. But i have Pittsburg wrenches and impact sockets in my tool box that have outlasted any Mac or Snap-On. There are some great buys at Harbor.


The multitools are fairly well built and cost less thant 1/2 of name even if they do wear out you can buy another and still be ahead


Plus, pretty sure that all their hand tools come with a lifetime warranty anyways.
The only caveat (and a lousy one, if you ask me), is that you're supposed to have the receipt with you, if you want a warranty replacement. Pretty dumb. But if you keep a folder with your receipts in it, and meticulously put them in there when you buy something, it shouldn't be a problem.


Just want to mention that the coupon is good for one item not your whole order.


The coupon says it can't be combined with another discount or coupon. Does this mean that I can't use it on sale items? Or will everything just be regular price on New Years Day? I've seen the 20% off coupons before and there's a socket set I've had my eye on that has been on sale for $29.99 the last few weeks off of a regular price of $49.99. I've been wondering if I'd be able to use a 20% coupon with it or just use a coupon for another free flashlight.


The 25% off isn't talking about the price. Literally, 25 percent of these tools will snap off the end the first time you try to use it. I've never before seen screwdrivers become stripped by screws. It's the physical tool embodiment of an "in Soviet Russia" joke.

A few years ago, I bought one of their bolt and screw-remover kits and was drilling an extractor bit into a bolt when the bit snapped off, flush with the surface. Then I used one of the other extractor bits to try to remove the first extractor bit, and the second one quickly ground down to uselessness. Their tools aren't just bad, they're recursively bad. I remember looking at the kit and it dawned on me: that's why they included 5 bits. When you go into NAPA, you buy one extractor. But Harbor Freight gives you 5: each one is to be used to remove the previous one.

Then again, I live right near Harbor Freight, so I have a love/hate relationship. I think the smell of cheap plastic that permeates the store must be addicting.


@qmpham95: That depends on the store manager. The manager here lets coupons stack on top of sale items most of the time, with a few exceptions.


@thebopster: Thanks! I guess I'll bring a couple coupons and see what they do. It'll only be a few dollars difference so I guess I can just get one of the free items if they don't take the 25 or 20% off coupon.