deals4 filets, 4, chicken breasts, 4 pork chops, 10…


Site says it's only 4 burgers.


@dweitzman: Plus 6 free burgers = 10 burgers.


@thefenst: Oh, got it. My mistake. Thanks.


I bought one for myself. I sent my sister some Omaha Steaks for Xmas and she gave me an excellent review.


I got this deal once, the cutting board and Cutlery are dollar store items


Overpriced and overrated.

Their steaks, on "SALE", are around $20/lb, which is outrageous. Supposedly $40/lb regular price, unless they're making up the "regular price" numbers to make sale prices look better (which they probably are). This deal itself is not horrible, but it's basically just a sampler to get people to keep buying their ridiculously over-priced meats.

Do the math guys.

Keep an eye on grocery store fliers, it's not hard to pick up some damn good ribeyes for $4-5 per pound. Four pounds of steak at the grocery store for $16-20, or four pounds of Omaha steaks for $80+... you decide. Learn how to pick up a tender steak with good marbling, and you won't have to rely on companies like Omaha to do it for you. Now THAT's a deal.



Omaha used to have great stuff ...however their quality has seemed to go down considerably over the past year or so. Before you could get a steak and eat almost 100% but now your lucky if you can get to eat 50% of the steak as there is so much inedible fat throughout.

Better off going to your local store and picking out a decent steak instead of hoping they do not send you a screweed up batch.


Shipping to me would be $17, so I bailed out.


Probably not even grass finished, therefore no better than your local grocery store.


Thanks, mkentosh. I was wondering about the cutlery. Guess I'll have to let this one pass me by.


Unfortunately, the worst steaks I ever bought came from Omaha. For the price, they should have been melt in your mouth and super flavorful but instead, they were tough, full of gristle and not all that tasty.

Honestly, if you want good meat at reasonable prices, find a local butcher shop and get to know the butcher. Tell him what you like and he'll help you pick a good cut to meet your taste.

I've been enjoying sirloins that cut and taste almoste as good as filet mignon since hooking up with my local butcher.


I must say the steaks are good, but OVERPRICED! They do some much marketing that the prices have gone through the roof. Find a local meat market and look for grass feed organic beef. The price is about the same as Omaha and much higher quality. Again, Omaha Steaks are good, they just cost too much.


@bestbuysucks: And exactly what cuts are you ordering? You're obvoiusly not a very big fan of nice, moist, melt in your mouth steak. O btw, the fat is totally edible, many people beleive it's the best part (especially of a fatty ribe-eye). If you really don't want any fat ever in your steak, order a filet, because the tenderloin has barely any of this "inedible fat content" you speak of.

Don't be discouraged by any of these posts. This is a truely great deal on high quality meat, plus a board and knife if you're in dire need.

Be sure to check their daily deals too. Just recently was awarded a gift of family of 2 5 oz filets, 2 lobster tails, and 6 caremal tartlets. The steak was great, the lobster was way better than the store bought tails i ate just recently, and thankfully i still have one of the tartlets. It was the first time I was able to get my girlfriend to enjoy her steak rare