dealssheen / lohan 2012: coke and hookers for everyone…


i was about to go look at the shirt..but my WOT add-on stopped me and told me it has a poor rating:

if ur interested in the add-on it is Web of Trust:


MY WOT has no problem with the coke OR the hookers...and neither do I. That site is questionable, though.


stupid and dumb. when will this be as old to other people as it is for me?


I'll just link directly to the image itself.. It's all any of us will ever look at anyways.. LOL


oh i get it, because of the things they did and all the people talking about it and such.

thats very clever, to put something only appealing to idiots on a shirt, then sell it on the innernets.



@enantiodromia: I must be a total "idiot", cause I think this is f'in hilarious!


@detroitphan: Not as stupid and dumb as McCain/Palin!


@gidgaf: Or as stupid as Obumbum and Bidumb


We bought this two month ago (BEFORE the latest SHEEN DRAMA--so we were TOO COLL when the latest "winning" drama unfolded...) We bought it from another website...and this was relevant like--for a month. HA HA--welcome to FEB '11 WOOT! ALL POLITICIANS stink--so you are all right.



What is this I looked over your post and tried to understand what they are rating but it's VERY general descriptions with NO user forum, posted feedbacks..Heck, this site won't even post HOW many people give a rating. They state "..the number of ratings doesn't change the security ratings for the site.." Uh.What? The results are ambigiuous at best. My companies website was 75% trustworthy...reallY? Why? Who rated it? How many people rate a site that sells industrial plastic hex rod? I even plugged in some other sites and the results seem...made up? Put in JC Penny or Sears and Best Buy...really? This site seems slightly disenginious itself...

By the way...This doesn't seem to be a rating on the quality of merchandise but some unexplained security rating..

In for a "Sheen in 2012" shirt...that's effing funny right there...


This is the owner of Bad Idea T Shirts. I saw the post about and as you can guess it a BS rating system. We NEVER had a security issue, we SILK SCREEN our shirts, we use HEAVY duty tees, we answer customer service question with hours...ok, so we aren't kid friendly...So why the poor results...POLITICS. We have ANTI OBAMA designs. Can't figure why else we would have almost a zero rating. We sell thousands of shirts a week and have never see until this post. Rarely due we have complaints, and when we do, we fix them. People don't have to BUY our shirts to give it a REVIEW. So how ANYONE can rate if they don't like the site. Political groups and activist email us all the time about certain shirts they don't like. Questions, email me at Thanks!


Well alright Bad Idea T-Shirt owner, maybe your ratings suck, because as I was about to purchase the shirt, you had the audacity to try to charge me $6 for USPS shipping, and $15 for UPS ground, for a DAMN T-Shirt?! Are you kidding me?! You are shipping to MA, not to Japan. I mean come on, what a scam to advertise a shirt that cheap, and then try to recoop in the shipping. Way to ebay it Bad Idea Shirts. And you wonder why you have crappy ratings.


@badideatshirts: I am sorry i did not see your response until now.
Although WOT has its limitations as a service that is only accumulating comments from those who have found and installed the add-on, and the ones with strong opinions in one way or the other, it has kept me from visiting malicious websites on numerous occasions and i will continue to use it and recommend it to my friends. If indeed your site is not a security risk and the worst things there are $6 for USPS and some self righteous assholes thinking you give a crap about their opinion towards some of your products, then is is truly unfortunate that the majority of people who choose to rate your site on WOT are the unhappy ones. Sites are rated on Trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety; the only area i see that you may have a low rating on is child safety, so either your site is not as trustworthy or reliable as you thought, or you have some nasty people who intend to tarnish your reputation.