dealsefreesia bar portable smartphone battery charger…


I bought the 2200mAh version the last time they were a sponsored deal, and have been very pleased with it. That one charged my Galaxy Nexus phone in about three hours from 0% with power still left in the unit. Product seems sturdy and well made.

I even had an issue where I received a completely empty box in the mail that had had its bottom tape gouged with a pen (you could still see the ink mark) and I emailed them to see about getting a replacement at the Woot coupon discount price and they sent me a new one completely free. They're getting my business again on this deal.


And for those perplexed by the lack of a coupon code box right off the bat (before you can click the Checkout with PayPal button), click the regular Checkout button and fill out your billing address and click continue, it will give you a spot to enter the code then and still has a button to checkout using PayPal.


Very happy with the last one I bought from efreesia through Woot and I think will have been happier if I got this more powerful one now at the same price.


Thanks for yours comments. Convinced me to order 2.


As I'm trying to checkout (thanks for the tip on where the coupon code is), it's telling me that shipping is $1.95. I'll update if it does indeed change to free.

Update: Yes, it turns out that although it shows $1.95 for shipping, that is included in the $19.99 price.


3 shipped for $56. Thank you, was looking for one of these for my GF, her little sister and her mom. They r horrible with their phones being charged and the small size of these is perfect for their purse.


Although it shows that the company charges a shipping fee of $1.95, the coupon code lowers the total price to $19.99 which technically is still free shipping. You just have to overlook the format. Overall, definitely a good price for a power bank with 4400 mAh power capacity.


Thanks for sharing. Filling in the necessary information for these offers is often so confusing. Watch me leave yet another site because I can't stand the lack of clear directions!


They work well but the ones with more mah seem to be best.