dealso brother, where art thou? (10th anniversary…


The original soundtrack is one of the best EVAH - even my kids love it. I have wanted more for some time - in for one, THANK YOU!


Thanks for the post. I bought the soundtrack yesterday, but just called and got a refund to buy this one instead. Would never have thought to look for it if you hadn't posted.


Awww, thanks @mistamoose, @primadogga, and @bobotheboinger, glad I could help bring this to your attention. The regular one has been $3.99 before, but they always kept the deluxe the same high regular price; even so, I still felt the curiosity to check yesterday and I'm glad I did. Never been able to get into this soundtrack, but I know so many people love it that it makes me happy to do that tiny extra bit of research so y'all can snatch it up.