dealshp h8 desktop pc with intel i7 processor…


Come on moofi you can do better than that. I like HP's but this is overpriced for a refurbished. Decent processor but slow hard drive, 8gb of ram but uses 2x4gb sticks so you'll have to toss one or both if you want to upgrade to 16gb, no USB 3.0 & wimpy graphics card. No deal.


Ok, wooters. We've run the HP H8 thing into the ground. Now I'm just waiting for the next line of HP desktops; the HP Resentment, HP Angry and HP [MOD: uh no].


Don't forget the power supply. I'm sure that's somehow lacking because it's not 5000watts. I'd look it up myself but I just can't be asked. Also, the video card: if it's not an Nvidia GTSX9billion this computer clearly will not work.


I shoulda' jumped on the one last time. Now, I have to wait for . . . ?


Build price: Proc $300, MB $50, HDD $75, DVD RW $20, Case $40, Multi-card $15, RAM $50, PS $35, KB+Mouse $20, Graphics $50
Total: $655

Sure you wouldn't choose these components if you were building your own, but for someone for whom that is not an option, this is a decent deal.


@ramkum: I forgot the OS. Add $95 for Windows 7 Home Premium = $750


@zuiquan: It's about value or bang for buck. You can pick up a brand new HPE h8xt for $630 that has the 2nd generation i7 processor, USB 3.0 & a faster hard drive. This is just an awful deal for a refurbished.


@bunnyb0y: And where might that be? I don't see anything under $800 on HP's site for a new H8 with 3rd gen i7, and it looks like $650 + $30 shipping, plus tax currently at Costco, and only for members, otherwise the price goes up even higher.