dealskyros 4gb 7” android 4.0 touchscreen tablet, wi…


Nice low price but this has got to be the first Android (or any other OS) tablet I've seen without a webcam.


Resistive touch screen is a non-starter. Considering that and no camera, I'd say this is a pretty poor deal.


With Coby out of business, there is no warranty at all on this. But, for this price I guess it's more of a throwaway anyway


@bunnyb0y: As I refuse to be one of those people holding up a tablet to take a photo, this doesn't bother me.

However, 512mb RAM and 800x480 scren kinda sucks, even for 35$


@johnt007871: 7" tablet or 6" phone doesn't make much of a difference, IMHO


Come on! This is a $35 tablet! How can there be so many complaints about it's limitations?!? Of course for $35, it's going to be limited with lower resolution, RAM, screen responsiveness. Personally, it's not worth $35 for my needs, but for a kid who just wants to play Angry Birds? Find a cheaper alternative. I have to wonder (and I believe they would) if these same complaints would be on here even if it were $15, or $10, or even free!

There has to be some sort of profit margin. At $35 shipped, there's not much left for profit once material costs and shipping are taken off the top!

This seems like a FINE deal for someone looking for a sub $50 tablet as long as they aren't expecting the performance and specs of a $100 plus tablet.

... Perspective!


@scubalab: Agree completely.

Another (more reasonable) issue I see though at tablets around this price range is lack of Google Play Store. They are not certified with google for the google apps, so this has "GetJar Marketplace". Know nothing about it, but can't be anything compared to the Google Play Store...


I ain't complaining about the price, I do, however complain about not mentioning the refurbished condition of the device!

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@th3madhatter: You can use the Google Play Store on this tablet. You can also use the Amazon App Store. I have it and have used both.


@scubalab: I should have mentioned that I have the original Galaxy S Captivate (yes, still) and it has similar specs. 1Ghz, 512 RAM, etc. The newer angry birds and stuff are mostly playable, but games are getting more resource instensive. Running in airplane mode helps some.

I'm still on the fence however, because I can't find a listing of ports (if any)


I found this old review on somebody's blog, including a link with help on how to hack it and get CM on it. I'm in just because hacking it alone will be a fun project and worth the $35.

And this is the old Google cached website from the former

By the way, it seems it does have a USB 2.0 slot and an HDMI port, FWIW.


You could use it for your DIY Android Thermostat:


@gjbloom: thats the coolest thing I've seen in a while. not much of a diy'er I'll wait till this makes amazon.


@scubalab: When a company goes out of business, liquidators come in and snap up the inventory for pennies on the dollar. Since Coby went out of business, the liquidator, Gordon Business Group (or whatever they're called, see the Wikipedia article), has bought all the inventory for said pennies to the dollar. So any manufacturing cost is irrelevant here. For me, a worthwhile tablet (1 GB RAM, 1024 x 600 capacitive for a 7" screen, 1 GHz or faster CPU) has been worth over $60, even refurbed. Going below that, even on a deal site's offerings, seems to involve too much of a compromise.