dealscraftsman 13 in. tool bag for $3.14


I have three of these. I bough one on sale, then next sale I bought two more. they keep going on sale for some reason. Good quality bag, holds a lot, large (plastic) toothed zipper with sturdy end stops on both ends, good carrying handle. Top mouth opens WIDE for large items, it holds a lot more (volume) than you'd think by looking at it. Durable material, holds a lot of weight and doesn't puncture, you can toss a drill in the bag without worrying. The little outside pockets aren't very useful though. Bottom is stiffened to stay flat. It has one loose mesh pocket along one side inside, but it's wide and there's nothing (velcro/snap) to hold it closed so it's not too useful as-is. I added a small s-binier clip to hold it closed. There are decent plastic loops on both ends also, add a cheap carabiniere to them to clip stuff to. It could use better pockets inside. You can set it down on a steep (10/10) roof and it's not likely to slide or roll. Can't beat it for the price.


Bought the same from Sears. Awesome. fits my CDS with room to spare, safe to jostle around in the front seat of the


Bought these the last time they were featured here - basically, I ended up getting three for the price of one with the free fast shipping offer they had at the time.

Amazingly well constructed little bag and for what it is, it does the job better than any other I have owned. Has held up to a heck of a lot of abuse - great manufacturing on this one.


A heads-up to anyone who plans to buy this: it comes up as $3.49 in the shopping cart. Not a huge difference but also not the advertised price. I asked a chat rep about it and was told it was "due to web error," that the sale price would be honored, and that a report of the issue was sent. It looks like they're in the process of fixing it now.


Good for alternatives to tools also. I use it to carry my ammunition, and have another one to carry craft stuff in (knitting, wood and leatherworking supplies, etc.) Also sturdy enough to be a bug-out bag if you think you'll need one in the next 4 years!


I got a couple of these from Sears and may get a few more. I agree with the positive comments; they're useful for a lot of different things, are a good size and seem to be well-made. My only complaint is that they tend to flop closed to one side rather than staying open. But for the price I can live with that.


just tried to buy, got sold out @ kmart. sears has @4.49 & with free store pick-up is even better deal for me as i won't have to pay for shipping from kmart


Great to keep specific tool sets together. I have my tools for doing electric work in one bag. Basic tools for working on a car in another. Framing walls and hanging (not finishing) drywall in another. Very handy. At this price you can't go wrong for whatever you need it for.

Sears is probably putting them on sale so much because it's good advertisement for Craftsman.