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Was in for one until I noticed the "Best Time to Call:"


In for 1. I have a Google Voice number that goes straight to voicemail that I use just for things like this. They have to leave a message; Google Voice transcribes it and emails me.

Thanks for the deal!


I'm totally in for one. I too gave one of my Google Voice #'s that I don't use, so no big deal.

In the past I've gotten the free stickers from Vistaprint when I've placed orders for other items, but they stick and leave a mess to clean up on the window. This looks much better, like one that can be moved and re-used..

Thanks for posting this!


Thanks for the deal! In for one and sent your link to some family and friends!


@hgtstr: You can leave that blank...I did and it worked fine.

Thanks for the deal...our old one was falling off and a little out of date.


It will be worth the sales call when I get it and list my mother-in-law's name as one of the pets.


@okham: I tried that, and it didn't work. Phone number is a required field. Phony number worked though, as did phony name and phony email. Huzzah!


This is an honest offer. You can pick one up from a list of fire stations they link to without giving any info. You can also give bogus info, except for address, and they'll still send it to you.


I got two of these style stickers a few months ago when I had the realization that if my home caught fire while I wasn't there my dog would be trapped and scared. From what I read online, the best place to put them is near the front door and near the electric meter (since firefighters will cut the power to the house during a fire).

If you don't want to get ADT SPAM, you can get 2 stickers for $5 from That's where I got mine.


These are also available from the ASPCA for free (also includes a magnet with emergency numbers) -


@mhvk: Why anyone downvoted you, I have no idea.

ADT wants your number to sell you crap, ASPCA is a charity. Go figure.

Thanks for posting that @mhvk.


@mhvk: That's more helpful than the OP's deal.

Thanks and a +1 for you.


You should all feel guilty asking a firefighter with a wife and children to risk his/her life trying to save your cat/dog.


@hemi71cuda: I would imagine that rescue personnel would only attempt a pet rescue if the conditions were not life-threatening to themselves.


@hemi71cuda: You should feel guilty for assuming all firefighters are men. My girlfriend used to be on a fire department as a fire fighter and I assure you if you asked her if she'd risk her life to save someone's pet she'd say yes without hesitation. I know because I just asked her.


Great, thank you for posting!


Got one, but I do question how long a window cling would actually survive in a fire. Plastic like that tends to melt at fairly low temperatures.