dealsmythbusters seasons 1-7 dvd set, discovery…


with all this source material you could make a 2-hour long Kari Byron clipshow. Nothing but an attractive redhead and explosions. It would be the greatest show of all time.


Seems dead - full price for me not seeing any coupon or code either.


Is anyone else consistently amazed how much they charge for TV series on DVD or Blu-ray? Don't get me wrong, Mythbusters is awesome but I wouldn't pay almost $200 for it (and that's just the sale price). Here's hoping they put the rest of the seasons on Netflix.


By the time this showed up on the main feed it was already dead. Those "one day only" sales need to get pushed through faster please.


yeah wouldve been an unbelievable price


@biggsavage: @biggsavage: the explosions you're referring to - would those happen to be edited from MythBusters footage or are they...err...occurring elsewhere while watching said clipshow?


Still too expensive even at this price. Discovery needs to wake up and start putting their DVD sets on sale sometimes for 20 bucks or less, because I won't even consider buying a TV season for over 20 bucks, and usually I won't buy one for over 15.