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Hate and intolerance make poor deals.


@samstag: How is it hate and intolerance to have a standard?


If you don't believe in gay marriage, then don't get one. Ban Divorce.


What do we have here? A special low, low price on hate mongering!


It is simply astonishing that this kind of ignorance and bigotry still exists. I hope Dobson's views soon reach the same level of disapproval as his views on corporal punishment. That's how Dobson first came into the public eye, as an advocate of corporal punishment of children. In his book "Dare to Discipline," he wrote that parents should discipline their children with belts and switches, and should leave those instruments on the kids' dressers to remind them of the discipline and keep them in line. He wrote in one of his books that if a child cries for too long, he or she should be given more of the same thing that caused the kid to cry in the first place.

Dobson also believes women with children must stay at home and not work. Of course, this is no option for most families these days, whether they be single-parent families or two-parent families.

Dobson might be the most inhumane doctor in any field that our society has been burdened with.



Hatred does not constitute a "standard." Indeed, evil of the type Dobson promotes betrays a crippling lack of self-respect on the part of those who promulgate it.


Yikes...this is the reason why the book was written. Refusing to bend to a new agenda is not hate. Marriage is marriage. It is not a civil union.

While I don't agree with everything Dr. Dobson says, he has the courage to say "no" when he believes it is appropriate, rather than simply going with the flow.




p.s. Dobson is a pile of feces. His death will be a good day for America.



p.s. Dobson's "courage" is the exact same "courage" shown by the 9/11 hijackers.