dealslittle star wars costumes for $5.99


$11 for shipping?! Why isn't economy shipping available?


ThinkGeek always has ridiculous shipping prices.

As an aside, go to Wal-Mart the day after Halloween and all remaining costumes are 50% off. Got my kid a very nice Vader costume after Halloween 2010 that he wore last Halloween. It was really high quality - the only thing we didn't like was that it was a Vader mask, not a full helmet. So my wife added some black cloth hooked to the plastic mask by Velcro so you didn't see my kid's hair. The end result was a very professional looking costume that we paid less than $10 for including the modification.


@miggity: Damn Trade Federation blockade.


Consider it a year round investment as well. I remember my mom would go shopping after halloween and nab up costumes and accessoreis on the cheap so that my younger siblings would have a trunk full of costumes to play pretend in. It may seem like the shipping kills it, but if you stock up on them, your kid could have a cool "playtime" with friends.