dealswilton indulgence square cake pan buy 1, get 1…


$7.99 for one, plus $5.99 shipping at Bed Bath & Beyond, so this is a good deal.

While I'm all for generic or lesser brands in alot of things, I find many Wilton items to be of higher quality. My Wilton bakeware has taken some heavy beatings from me over the last 5 years, but is still in good condition.

Also, I'm a big fan of I've purchased from them 5-7 times. Always free shipping, and great deals. Pretty quick delivery and friendly folks working there. They were even kind enough to send me a personal email when they were able to restock an item I wanted. (Yes, some sites have this automated, but it meant a lot more that they actually remembered me.)

Don't forget the current coupon codes: - 10% off $50 or 20% off $65.


In for one. It also says quantity 4 left, so if you're planning on getting it I suggest you act soon. Don't put 2 in the quantity field, though, 1 set is 2 pans. Or at least thats how I took it...


@gehradam: yes, that IS how they take it at uwantsavings, at least the last time i ordered a buy one, get one from them. again, great deals, awesome help :)

also, based on my interaction with them, they seem to accurately post how many they have left, so you have a good idea of the number really left. This way you know how long you can put off buying without losing the deal. So yeah, 4 left before your purchase would be right. I haven't checked again to see how many are left now :)