dealscowboy bebop: the movie [blu-ray] for $7.99…


A fair warning about the Blu Ray edition. It doesn not have any of the extras found on the DVD version. It is just the movie. Also it only has two channel sound as opposed to 5.1 surround sound found in the DVD version. While I can not say enough about how good this movie (and the series) is, beware this edition.


Wait, is this the "knocking on heaven's door" thing? They have an English dub out now?? :)


i should also mention the soundtrack to both the show and movie is incredible


i despise almost all anime in existence, but this is a ridiculously good show/movie. i already own the movie, as well as the series on dvd (which happens to make up 100% of my anime collection.... i really typically don't like anime)


cowboy bepop is was an awesome japanese anime. Well worth watching!