dealspatriot lx series class 10 32gb micro sdhc flash…


Hey, you are copying this from slickdeals!


NOW we're talking! But I never got my mail in rebate from Patriot product last year. . . oh well I think it was for $5 or something.


This appears as an AMZN’s Gold Box Lightning Deal every so often. So far, due to the negative reviews, I have been convinced from biting the bullet.

Have a look before one decides to commit:


I ordered this very same card a couple weeks ago. Transferred 10gb of movies to my Acer a500 tablet, averaged 9.6 MB/s. Great card, I've had zero problems using to transfer lots of data and flash custom roms. MIR not so great.


@unif2: er, no one cares. This isn't slickdeals and they weren't ones to invent this deal. It's right on newegg's website.


I'm down-voting this deal because the poster copied from Slickdeals. That's cheating.


@unif2: Aw, while you're telling your mom on us, ask her for some hot cocoa before bed, too.

But seriously, I, and many others, check Newegg's prices on SD cards weekly. Literally hundreds of thousands of people see these deals right on item page on Newegg's website. It wasn't discovered by slickdeals. It was posted there. And here. And probably 200 other deal sites. Besides the fact that...if he did steal it from slickdeals, even better since I don't check there, I'd like to see it here (mainly because their community is full of dbags ;)


@unif2: Not all of us visit Slickdeals, so it is a good thing that this deal is being posted here as well. Sometimes I'll post a deal here that I see elsewhere, so everybody has a fair shot at a deal. If I can save someone a few bucks, it makes me happy. Not everyone has time to hit a dozen deal websites a day.