dealstaken [blu-ray] + $4 amazon instant video credit…


This movie was great. Not just the good guy being Mr. Good Guy, but the good guy just absolutely destroying the bad guys throughout the whole film. Refreshing.


Awesome deal for an awesome movie!


In the special features, there's an option to bring up kill count, injured count, distance traveled, etc that will be displayed at the top of the screen during the movie. This makes for an excellent drinking game! Take a drink every time Liam Neeson kills someone. Or, for a real challenge, take a drink every time he injures someone. Be warned, these games are not for the faint of heart.


@sharpjm: Or perhaps more accurately - not for the faint of liver.


@sharpjm: LOL! Are you serious?!?! That's f'ing awesome!! WOOT!!! ROFL!!! I love strokes of genius almost as much as I love drinking games ;-)