deals8-1/2" x 11-3/4", perforated notepads, wide ruled…


Unless I'm missing something, free shipping requires $20+ subtotal. Shipping on just this is $10, bringing this great deal to a whopping total of $15...which is $5 more than the regular price...


@lothariorowe: If you tried purchasing it today, the 14th, that could be the problem.
The deal was good only on Friday the 13th.


Staples deals are always gimmicks.


@hunkers116: I disagree. Stqples often offers great loss-leader deals. Staples would go out of business if they relied on my Yankee-thrift selective buying habits there.

Staples far out classes Office Depot and Office Max (just not ready to admit it's a step away from out of business). They're not in the same league. I rarely bother with the latter two stores since it always seems to be a wasted visit. A shame since Office Depot used to be a solid outfit.