dealslimited time holiday exclusive: green & red glass…


Sketchy replica, right in my wheelhouse!


@xkchief: Go away, no one wants your overpriced jewelry. Also, maybe try buying some things off of woot after you create a fake account to try to convince people to buy your garbage.


Metal Information
Type : Silver Polish


I bought some of these from a .50 cent dispenser @ Walmart.


There is no Dana, there is only SZUL!

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Great Buy great item.....I'm in for 3... can resell for twice the price


Sadly no matter the price these come off looking like Walmart cheap junk that barley lasts a day


Like it or not folks, this looks like a good imitation of the Pandora bracelets. Those cost a LOT of money.

Even if it lasts one season, for $19 it still is cheaper than one single charm on a Pandora.


This looks to be an excellent gift if you're dating a clown!


@snowire: haha yes! At Thanksgiving my mom made it very clear that no one in my family should ever buy that, especially not for her, as they're just plain ugly and ridiculous.


So this is a cheap imitation of the already terribly ugly and lame Kay Jewelers version, yeah?

Thanks for paying woot money, but no thanks on this.