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Keep in mind the condition of these consoles. The current condition of the Wii I looked at:

Condition: Pre-owned Product Grade:
4 - Significant scratches or scuffs

What's not included?
Wii Console Stand
Wii Stand Plate
Wii Remote
Remote Strap
Sensor Bar
Sensor Bar Stand
Wii Manual(s)
Jelly Remote Cover
Remote Batteries (aa)

Just understand what you are and are not purchasing.


Got console broke and this is the perfect replacement.


FYI is down. Cowboom "fixed" it. booooo


@papageorgio326: Oh, NOOOOOOO.....

wait, I think I explained that in the post. GO TO THE NEXT ONE, use F5 to refresh. Be patient. Not all are Condition 4 and missing everything.


Conditions can be deceiving as far as Conditions 1-10. I bought a Condition 5 Wii plus remote a few months back for $14. I was expecting it to be dirty or scratched up. When I received it, the remote was brand new, not even the smallest blemish.

Keep in mind this does not justify that every condition 5 item will be like this. But I feel they under rate their conditions just to protect their arses.


I recently ordered and received a PS3 from Cowboom that I was very pleased with. It was missing only a few non-essential items and works fine. Like the previous poster mine was listed with scratches, etc. but when I received it, it was like new as far as that goes.


I bought a Wii and a DS XLi a year ago. Also bought the warranty.

The DS XLi worked well as promised, but the Wii makes a very loud whirring sound when it plays the game, so loud that the kids have to turn up the volume to drown it out.

I tried to deal with the warranty company becuz I think that's a defect but they were so unhelpful, wanted me to pay for shipping both ways and then they would determine whether or not it's defective. Terrible customer service.

Buy the consoles - it's worth the risk - but don't waste money on the warranty!


@johnt007871: Gah... cowboomer is the only thing that made these flash sales bearable. Arseholes!


BTW, whats the "Tamper Seal"...i know all consoles have it but why is it listed on what it comes with? Is it refurbished with a different seal than the factory seal. Or Do they just list it because the original hasn't been tampered with?