dealsdjango unchained - dvd for $12.99 + free shipping


I have no idea how Tarantino will top this movie, but I sure as heck can't wait to find out.


DVD? Should be blu-ray at that price...


@hopper75: You do realize that this just came out recently and that new movies, on blu-ray, normally cost around $20. Especially a blockbuster like this one that has won academy awards.


Another fictional politically correct rewrite of history not unlike the laughable 'Inglorious basterds"!!
Hollywood's latest BS!


@davebrik99: Complain all you want about politically innacurate BS, I enjoyed the hell out of watching Hitler's face get shot off, lol.


@davebrik99: What part of revenge FANTASY do you not understand??? No one ever portrayed this movie, or inglorious bastards, as being based on a true story. It is FANTASY. You must hate Star Wars, Star Trek, Goonies, Armageddon and well, pretty much most of the movies that come out since they are mostly fantasy. Get over yourself.