deals3 cigars plus lighter combo for $9.99 + $1.95…


Where are the good cigar deals this year?

I've been waiting for Fathers Day to get in on a good deal for cigars! Not a humidor. Not a lighter. Just a bundle of several cigars for a great deal at $20-$30.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


For a brick of decent, smok-able yet not great sticks on the cheap, check out the Po Boy II sampler over at CI. 30 cigars, $30.


@criticalcritic: You should check out this sampler from Alec Bradley:

They have some of the top-rated cigars in the world there and I haven't had a disappointing Bradley yet.

Recently I have been really digging a little-known, but highly rated brand called Ramon Bueso - CI has a nice sampler that includes 6 cigars and a really cool looking wooden ashtray for about $40.


Bought a very similar sampler a while back and after speaking with customer service at a few times, I've found a love for cigars.

I don't have the money to jump into the hobby full-steam ahead, but I talked to someone who had the same enthusiasm I had and shared interests in craft beer and finding quality over quantity.

I heartily recommend these guys for their service and deals. I think most internet cigar shops will have similar pricing schemes, but I have to give these guys the nod.