dealstg™ competitor nickel silver dart set – 3 pack…


As an intermediate dart league player, let me share a few words to the wise:

- "Nickel Silver Barrels" are not what you want in a dart. Go with a high-percentage Tungsten barrel, as they will provide more weight and yet still a smaller diameter barrel (allowing you to group darts closer together).

- "Composite shafts" are essentially plastic. Avoid like the plague. You want aluminum shafts at a minimum as they are more indestructible.

- "Slim hard carry case" that will require you to dismantle your darts every time. This will wear your flights and shafts down much faster than the cases that leave the entire dart intact.

- "Weight: 18g" is incredibly light (although some may prefer this). Legal dart weights are from 18g to 50g. Personally, I prefer the heavier weighted darts as you need to throw it less hard, and the darts will generally hold course better than their lighter counterparts.

You can find high-quality Tungsten darts on Amazon for about $25, but to each his own.