dealsseagate momentus xt 750 gb 7200rpm sata 6gb/s 32…


It appears Amazon is selling it at this price, but it's temporarily out of stock. Good price, though.


I purchased 2 of the 500gb version in Early November from Amazon for $50 each (they were matching a NewEgg promo I think). They really do improve boot and shut down times very noticeably. One of them is whisper quiet, the other makes a noticeable noise when spinning, but I have not had any issues with either.

Also don't forget that these are 2.5 inch drives, so you may need a 2.5 to 3.5 converter if installing it in a desktop.


It appears that the deal is dead. Both links go to the $149 price as of now. Rats. I have one of these and it has been fantastic. Would have totally been in for another.


The 750 GB version sells for $149 while the 500 GB version sells for $169... gg amazon.


This is a great price for this hard drive!