deals40 star wars graphic novels, each for $3.99…


I got REALLY EXCITED for a second, until I realized the title should have been "...graphic novels, EACH for $3.99"

Still, my son loves those things. Thanks for the tip off.


@adelas: Sorry about that. I made sure to type "each" in the title, they must have truncated it. I had also put in the title Kindle and Amazon.


good deal, in the past if you are looking for cheap graphic novels, is another good place to look for used graphic novels (i read graphic novels so beings gently used with a stick marking it so does not bother me). shipping there is normally a buck for all books (so a buck if you order 1 or 20) and some graphic novels are normally 2-4 bucks unless you are looking for something really popular


@adelas: Same here, Star Wars graphic novels for ten cents each? Lemme at 'em! Oh, wait. Four bucks each? Meh. Still not a bad deal, but a real letdown after thinking they were essentially being given away.


I too got excited thinking the price was for all 40. Oh well.