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I've had a few "lower" models that served me well - until my wife put them on the back of the recliner (repeatedly) before she would recline, throwing the remote to the floor on it's end. It didn't survive more than about 5 hits before it started having problems (but it's not really the remote's fault).
The remotes are great - better than an AR remote I've tried too. I credit this to Logitech's layout of the buttons and their great software. You have to be a little tech-savvy to get this set up, but if you understand how to program the remote (and even custom programming individual buttons), you can get it set up to your liking and you'll never go back to anything else.
The one thing that frustrated my wife was that it didn't always turn everything off when she hit the "Off" button. It was programmed to turn several things off and she would toss it on the couch, so it didn't have time to send the signal to all devices. She didn't understand it had to be pointed at it (IR signal).


Are you married to my wife? Sounds just like mine. LOLOL!


DAMNIT! I've been looking for a Harmony like this price.

I have an old...Logitech Harmony 500(?) remote with the chronic failing buttons.... no more spare parts, and I've jurryrigged the hell outta it already...getting ugly, but damn it makes life easier.

Oh well... next time maybe.....


These are junk, not durable at all, avoid.


I own 2 600's and a 700. These things are far from junk and great when you have multiple devices to control with it. I love how it works for the Xbox 360. I use my 360 as my TV with windows media center and finding a remote to use with that so I don't have to use the controller is $$.


I'll buy from Tiger Direct if the price is the best BEFORE rebate. In 20 years of sending in rebates I've only been denied twice. Both were from Tiger Direct and the total was $150.


I have owned two 720s that failed. One had the battery swell and Logitech replaced it free of charge after the warranty ran out. The one that failed was replaced with one of these 700 models because they stopped making the 720. It has been excellent for the last two years. The best thing about it is that it uses eneloop rechargeable AA batteries which I use anyway and have twenty of them. Instead of charging each time every two weeks I just replace with another pair and charge the ones removed outside the unit. The other one used the square, flat, lithium type 35 dollar battery like cameras use. I love my two Logitech's, the surviving 720 and the newer 700. I hear they are selling Harmony so they may no longer be Logitech.


I switched over to using my Galaxy S4 as a universal remote with a third party app from touchsquid. It is actually a lot more functional than any of these dedicated universal remotes with lots more customization and support.

I think this alternative could be something we many of us will be using in the next few years and when more smart phones come with this feature and potentially make these obsolete.

Only problem is that I don't always have my phone with me when I hit the couch and pressing a screen requires me to look at the screen instead of basing off of feel (although I have seen another technology in the works that magically creates physical feeling buttons on top of your screen)


@rvfiver: what number did you call to get them to replace yours, my harmony one just swelled, and I know they replace out of warranty but I dont know what number to call.