dealstdk cd-r recordable discs, 700mb, 52x, 100 pk…


These don't say they're "Printable", so I don't expect an all-white surface. The listing does say they're "Branded Surface" but it's hard to tell what that means. I've never been a fan of CD's with so much branding on them that you can't see what you wrote.

I miss the printable verbatim blue disks that Price Savers and Sams used to sell.


Branded typically indicates that the top surface of the disk with be etched with the name of the manufacturer and other "generic' capacity info..

In this case "TDK" 700M, 80mins, CD-R...etc.


@themdg: I believe I actually have this same spool from the last time they went on sale. If it is, they just say "TDK" across the top, I think they say "80 min/70 MB CD-R" somewhere on them in relatively small print, and also have lines across the bottom half for ease of writing.


Actually, these are very nice CDs w/o a lot of obnoxious branding. The top surface has a slightly "frosted" look, with "TDK (Life on Record) being unfrosted, and therefore shiny, and the details of the disk (CD-R80, 700 MB, 80 Min, Up to 52X speed) also unfrosted. If you're planning on putting a sticky label on the surface, it covers up just fine, without any colored printing to show through.