deals2 pack 5 feet usb a to micro usb male/male cable…


today it was $1.99 + no shipping


It is $1.99 for 1.
The 2-pack is $2.99


@dabills22 - Thanks for the quick correction... I should have said that it's the lower spot on the purchase page to get the 2-pack.

I've had good luck with Meritline. The stuff is low quality (as expected) but high value for the cost. For non-essential stuff like having an extra charging cable, it's a good deal.

I've been burned on a few of their flashlights and HDMI cables, but overall, I've done pretty good with Meritline.


I have left a comment in their review section only to get a call to fix my problem. they are top notch. But keep in mind they are slow, direct order in most cases from China or Hong Kong.


@firebirdude: Indeed, but it's more a matter of how well they work. Most (but not all) things I get from meritline work fine. Ebay I usually have a little less luck with the cheap electronics.


I bought 5 of these a few months ago from meritline. None lasted more than 2 weeks. I am much happier with those I get from deep surplus. OTOH, the micro USB connector is stupid.