dealsplanet earth: the complete series [4 discs / gift…


@cbosworth09: The one on that link you provided that is $19.99 says "usually ships within 1-2 months", as some have noted.

Good idea to the person who said to just have Best Buy price match it in-store.


@cbosworth09: Oddly enough, there are other pages with the same set for 7 or 8 dollars more that will be delivered in two days. I suspect that means this won't really stay back-ordered very long.


I picked one up today at my local Best Buy, i asked them to price match the site.


@cbosworth09: I just ordered it...Be warned, it is on back order and the fine print says it takes up to a month to ship. Still a great deal though!


Even at three times the price, this is still a steal. The level of production, the attention to detail, the value of education and to see the wonder of the parts of the world that we are unlikely ever going to see... BBC rocks!


i picked this up the last time it was this price. Its definitely worth it. The DVD guys will tell you how much your missing out because the Blu-rays don't have the special features. For $20 dollars I find it hard to complain.


Sold out online, unfortunately.


@onae: Same cost for me 6.25% sales tax ! I wonder ?


$21.24 for me after taxes

Also, I was offered expedited shipping for $4.50