dealsmythbusters seasons 1-7 dvd set for $199.99


Media shipping $4.95
Standard shipping (based on price, not weight) $15.95


Holy crap that's expensive! AND IT'S 50% OFF!


Love Mythbusters but Holy Crap...$200!! I almost want to down grade this thing for the price.


This is actually a pretty killer deal. The first few seasons are only around 13 episodes each and can be bought for about $15.00 a piece. The later seasons however swell to 30+ per season and individually go for as much as $45.00 to $60.00.

Think about it this way, there are about 158 episodes in this package apparently, if you divide that it's around $1.25 an episode which is about 37.5% less than the $1.99 many of us pay for individual episodes of TV shows.


@hossie33: +1 for putting things into perspective


@hossie33: Wait... You PAY for TV episode downloads? Heh, that's cute.


or, get a netflix subscription and watch them all for 8 bucks. Just saying.


It's not 50% off, it's 43% off, it normally retails for $349.65. Discovery has always overpriced their DVD sets but Mythbusters takes the cake. Discovery needs to learn that the cost of DVDs needs to come down, they've still got 2002 pricing in 2011.


FWIW, I think you can stream a good amount of the Mythbusters seasons on Netflix...


7 Seasons @14.79 EA = $103.53

WAYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy better deal that this!!!

BUT @cmader is right, "You PAY for TV episode downloads? Heh, that's cute."


@gthuffines: The Mythbuster "Collections" are much different from the Mythbuster Seasons


@dcjoedo: Actually Netflix does not have these discs available for delivery or streaming. They instead have the collections which @gthuffines mentioned above, which are NOT the entire seasons. They're not even technically in order of original release, not that it matters. Furthermore, Netflix DID have the collections available for streaming up until about 3 months ago, then randomly one night it was limited to collections 4 and 6 only.

This deal is the seasons as a whole as opposed to the collections which are about half of the total episodes.


Why doesn't Season One have the pilot episodes?