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"So I got that going for me, which is nice."


$6.37 is not really a deal compared to Amazon.
Free streaming on Amazon Prime or you can get the DVD for $4.99 with free shipping.

Edit: even if you don't have Prime or want to spend $35, check the other sellers for some that amount to around $5 shipped.


I just noticed . . . it's called "Caddyshack," yet none of the leads play caddies in the movie.



@rayray8822: FALSE! The main story was supposed to be about the lead Noonan kid who had the pregnancy scare and entered the caddy tournament and had to decide what to do with his life. The storyline was overshadowed by the performance of the big players though.


@rayray8822: Obviously, you have not watched this movie. The whole plot surrounds Danny Noonan, a caddy. While he is not one of the MANY big names in the supporting cast, the Caddys are the focus of the movie, and the Caddyshack" is where most of the plot action takes place. I am truly amazed that they got so many A list actors to play relatively minor parts in this movie.


@bsmith1: @tradergeorge:

Maybe I shouldn't have said "leads." "Big names?" That would have been more accurate. Is Michael O'Keefe a household name? He's not even on the DVD cover.