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I ordered one of these recently for a relative. It just arrived a day or two ago. I haven't actually connected it to a Bluetooth device yet (been busy!) but I will say that my relative's Windows XP box immediately recognized it and didn't ask for drivers. I've ordered other stuff from Meritline and never had a problem.

It's worth noting that this is shipped directly from Singapore (shipping is included with the price) so it may take 2-3 weeks for you to receive it. Better not be in a hurry. On the other hand, it will arrive in a yellow padded envelope with the Singapore customs label attached...


I've had one for several months. Their range is about 10 feet or so. The plastic cover may, or may not break (mine did), and that makes removing the piece from a USB port fairly difficult. Windows 7 64 bit will recognize and install these without issue. The sound quality seems to be fine for calls, and I have not tested for music as I don't own a headset. I'd suspect they'll be fine. Very much worth $1 just for the convenience.


Dead? When I put the coupon code in it says "you've used too many letters."


Coupon worked just fine for me. Hoping to connect the headset I use with my cell phone to my computer for voice chat. :)

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I bought one of these last time it was posted and I wouldn't recommend it. Not only was it quirky, the cover broke and I had to constantly unplug and replug it back in to get it to work. Keep shopping, you can do better.


These things will not function properly for very long. I bought one before and was able to get a couple months worth of usage from it.


Yeah I got one of these last time, and while for the $2.99 or whatever with shipping I paid it worked fro about 6 months, then the plastic casing fell apart. Not broke, fell apart at the seams, like they used bad glue. My attempts to put it together have largerly been failures (since I can't get glue on the tiny pastic without getting it on the device.) So I now have a largely useless Bluetooth chip. I went out and spend $10 on a logtech one that has stood the test of time.


These seem to have a fairly high failure rate. The one I got several months ago is still working fine, so YMMV.

Of course, that failure rate is probably WHY they're cheap. The ciruits fail some test, but still function, so they package them up cheap.