dealswallet lock pick set & locksmith guide for $9.99…


@bradstronger: Thanks, I never would have guessed. I bet that would be featured on GTA (I have never played the game.)


It's annoying that these keep getting posted. I own these and they work terribly, especially if you are a beginner. Someone experienced may get a handful of successful picks out of these. Stay away. And yes, I now get about 5 different magazines sent to me.


@cebooher3: Yay, Texas! I can carry anything but wire cutters!


Heads-up that these are not airport-security safe, so don't stick it in your wallet and forget about it. Might look kinda fishy trying to carry a lockpick onto an airplane ;)


@danieleg: No, ceramic pieces are used as to break car windows in a smash-and-grab.


I'm just going to reiterate what I usually post when this deal comes up. I bought one, they're really cheap metal that will bend and break easily. If you want a proper lock picking set, go for a professional one, not one that will break your locks rather than break into them.


@spanky: At 1st I thought that was weird, too. Then I figured there may have been a trend of people slicing the top portion of a spark plug (with a diamond blade) into the shape of a bump key....and then if found in a shakedown, they could say its just a spark plug I need to take to Kragen.


@cebooher3: Don't you just love California?
Burglary tools include ..." ceramic or porcelain spark plug chips or pieces..."
Do they stay up at night thinking these things up? LOL


@thomasr: becasuse bump keys ruin the lock... picking locks that you have temporarily lost key for doesn't ruin it.


Its a +5 to lock picking for any of you who were wondering.


I have a problem with -- No Paypal, they require credit card info.

Otherwise, I would be interested in how easy it is to break in to my house.
It seems like I would HEAR if somebody was "Bumping" my lock, this silent method would be more disconcerting.


@thomasr: Have you ever tried to use a bump key? They're not made of magic. For example, professional locksmiths prefer picks. Picks are also useful for padlocks, cabinets, etc where your KW1 bump key doesn't fit.


With the availability of "bump keys" I have no idea why folks would want these. Bump keys are scary ...


Here is a state by state guide. In most states it is okay to have picks. If you are intending to use them for criminal purposes, you are in real trouble.


@marvin6: I keep my set around for when I lose a set of keys to something. Weirdly enough, one of the key sets I lost was the keys to the trigger lock on my shotgun.

For those wondering, it took me less than 5 minutes, and was the first lock I ever picked. I believe it was a Masterlock brand trigger lock.


Just a warning. The picks work just fine. However they automagically sign you up for their catalogs, and then after you finally get them to stop sending them to you, catalogs from associated companies start showing up.

This is great if you have a fireplace, or need to line a bird cage, but not so great if you have a small mailbox like I do.


Casey... your comment made me l-o-l. Thank you for that.


I am not a lawyer, but I believe possession of lock picks is not a felony unless they can prove you had intent to use them to break into someone else’s place…Laws vary from state to state so you might check the laws in your state to be certain. A friend of mine made lock picks, it isn’t hard to do, and I have used them on a couple of occasions to get into my own house, cabinet, and even car once.


To be kept next to your unregistered firearm