dealscharlie brown christmas tree - 18" for $9.99



Pine twig: free
wood scraps: free
ball ornament : $.10 at the yard sale/thrift store
handful of brads for base assembly: $.05
Total: $.15 + 10 minutes labor

I am boycotting Target for their political posturing.
Feeling like they are gouging customers for stupid crap makes me feel even better about my decision.


You could make the same argument about almost every product manufactured today.


got one of these last year and i think it is adorable. can you make it yourself? yes. would i ever bother spending the time? probably not :)


@zippy the pinhead:

+ time to find just the right twig + time to find the wood scraps + time to find/go to a yard sale and/or thrift shop + time to go get the stuff for the base assembly = about 3 hrs.

$10 to get at target vs 3 hrs of my time. I'm pretty sure my time is worth more than $3.33/hr


Where can I get Linus's blanket to wrap around the bottom?


@scottbails: at urbanoutfitters for $36 dollars :)


Life is too short to try to have ten bucks.


I bought one of these at ALDI last year ... I wasn't going to do anything for x-mas, but I knew my daughter would like to see some decor when she visited. I was doing my regular shopping when I came across this!!

it was perfect!! epitomizes my thoughts feelings on x-mas! I bought one! works brilliantly ~ will be putting it up again this year!

Bah-Humbug! :D


This will go perfectly with my Christmas! Happy Happy!


Why do I get $12.74 + shipping???


@jfwitt111: it looks like the deal has ended, happens all the time. you can always feel free to tattle on the deal as being expired :)


It's not $9.99 anymore, but it's still only $12.74, so it's still a better deal than I've seen at most places!


@zippy the pinhead: An apt name indeed. Go ahead and boycott Target, I've been shopping there twice as much lately.