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The only thing that would make this a better deal is if it also included the Donner cut.


DVD in case anyone is wondering.


There is a less fancy version of this (4 Film Favorites) without the bonus discs that is regularly under $10... currently $9.99 at Amazon:

That's not to say this isn't still a great deal, but there is a cheaper option out there.


I just watched Quest for Peace about 3 months ago after not seeing it for about 20 years. I just chalked it up in the same category as Godfather III, Indiana Jones IV and Matrix II/III.... they never happened


@triplebud: You are right, the Donner cut is basically an entire new movie. They took out the campy slapstick stuff and it took on a more dark tone focusing on the decision to give up his powers for an ugly woman.

The New York City fight scene is also much more serious instead of kinda lame in the theatrical release. Also, the cellophane superman symbol attack sequence in the Fortress of Solitude was mercifully cut from Donner's movie


Never heard of this Donner cut, but now I want to see it.


Spoiler alert! The RDC had great improvements: removing the cellophane net, the laughing guy on the pay phone being blown away by Zod & Co., and most dialogue between the rube sheriff and deputy. There's a direct tie-in with the first movie and the Phantom Zone breaking. Lois is also very clever in getting Superman to reveal himself. But I didn't like a few things:

1. It reversed the order of Superman and Lois' "first time." Now that does tie it in with "Superman Returns" (which I dismiss with Superman IV, Higherlander II/III/etc., as having never happened), but then why didn't Superman just refuse to obey his father? "Hey, we've already been together." And channeling Sheldon Cooper: Superman might as well have shot bullets through Lois, unless he practiced coitus interruptus.

2. Zod using a machine gun?

3. The ending. It's no worse than Superman having powers of hypnosis, but it was too easy to fix everything, and the second fight with the bully then makes no sense.


4. And my biggest disappointment: Superman no longer says, "General? Would you care to step outside?" in favor of a wimpy line. Why would Zod have known about it, unless Krypton had its own equivalent of the First Amendment?