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I wouldn't hold your breath on cross-platform play.


True, but they are getting Realms soon, which will be awesome.


The PE is amazing at sucking up my time during slow workdays. Excellent price for a fun game.


Can't attest to its shortcomings compared to the full PC version—though I'm sure Minecraft fanatics could build you a book on them—but I have the PE for iOS and found it enjoyable for the many, many hours I put into it.


I got this pocket version for my son's ASUS tablet and paid the full $6.99 price. He loved it...until he played the PC version. Now he hounds me to get him the "real" version. Once I figure out how to run it on Ubuntu he'll be a happy boy again...


Not worth it just because it's on Amazons app store. That thing is horrible. I only get the free daily's on Amazon.


@colesloth: The only occasional problem I run into is having to reenter my password ("you must be logged in to use this program"). No connection required, just have to enter in my Amazon password.

If the price is the same I usually buy from Amazon just to support competition in the market. If my experience with Amazon's App Store was like yours, @colesloth, I probably would purchase a lot less from Amazon.

There is the theoretical issue of slower updates from Amazon but in practice, I've never actually "suffered" because new versions of apps take longer to show up on Amazon.


@karmum: I have not...but I certainly will now. Thanks!!