deals4-piece wood chisel set for $19.99 + free shipping


You're right, I paid close to $15 for one chisel not too long ago. This is a good deal! Uh, seen any rattlesnakes lately?


@barnabee: :-D or :-( Lotsa snakes in the grass... Does a pygmy rattler count? Actually did see 1 in my yard. Worse yet, I unknowingly picked it up w/a bunch of hedge clippings. o.O Safely thrown in a lidded yard debris contaniner. Had to change my clothing after that...

Back to the chisels. I keep telling myself not to buy these. After all, 'I won't need them'. And we all know those famous last words. The chisel I bought was ruined by a carpenter, so I really don't have any now.


i paid this much a year ago for a set of really crappy chisels that need to be constantly sharpened. These seem to be much nicer with the grip plus i bet they will last longer than the junk i have.


Deal is dead. Price is now 29.99.