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Denny's deserves your business to the same degree you deserve a heart attack. They may have officially stepped down from their threats to make their customers pay for their employees healthcare, but in reality they are cutting hours so employees will be working fewer than 30 so they can skirt the law and have sick staff preparing and delivering your food.

There are plenty of other cheap heart attack inducing food places to eat, leave Denny's in the dust!


" in reality they are cutting hours so employees will be working fewer than 30"

Most businesses are going to be doing that soon, if they're not doing so already, to avoid the Obamacare impositions. No reason to hate Denny's for being ahead of the curve.


Thanks. Been craving some Denny's.


No healthcare for food workers means we will be exposed to a wider variety of viruses; therefore we will have the opportunity to build up more resistance. This will be a good thing. AND it's an added bonus that these CEOs like Papa Johns and Dennys are rolling out these austere measures (in spiteful protest of the Obama victory) TWO YEARS before the Affordable Healthcare Act provisions will be implemented.


It might just be me, but could someone please tell me what happened with their ranch dressing? It used to go great with the zesty nachos but now it tastes terrible!


None of you read the news.

It isn't ALL of Denny's as Denny's is a franchise. It's a scumbag franchise owner in Florida (noted: he's also known for multiple tax investigations for taxable wages and shorting his servers by taking a portion of their tips) who owns 40 stores.

The other HUNDREDS of locations aren't doing this.


It is so much fun to watch leftists resort to their natural tendencies to lie and create false crises as long as they think some public good is being achieved. These comments, save the one about the Ranch dressing, are laughable. Raising the specter of sick food service workers preparing your food is supposed to make you forget that you can no longer afford to eat that food, nor pay for your own healthcare, because of Obamacare's taxes. There are ways, starting with personal responsibility, to avoid sick people serving you food that fall short of a government take over of 1/6th of the economy.


Personal responsibilty? Thats hilarious. Im imagining a viral infection floating through the air, looking for a host body. He says, 'Not this fella. He appears personally responsible.'

And floats on.