dealsgermguardian® uv-c sanitizer wand for $29.99 + $5…


These are great, especially for the kids going back to dorm rooms, hotels, sofas. chairs etc. Make great gifts.


Admittedly the uv light takes a few minutes to work but it really does work so why are people voting down this item other than the over inflated MRSP.


@mybestuser1: For one thing, they make no claim that sanitizing stuff provides any health benefit. You'd think they would if there was any evidence that it did.


Seriously, Wooters.. Why the downvotes? There should be a rule that you can't downvote something without justification. Upvoting for great justice.


What a joke! It would take you more than an hour if you had to slowly move this thing across every little inch of area at a hotel room. How many people have got sick from a hotel room? I never have..


"Disinfection of items or surfaces can generally be achieved by holding the UV-C Sanitizer Wand over an object or surface for 20 seconds at a distance of approximately 1-2 inches."

So make sure you get to your hotel room at 6pm so you can be in bed by 11pm!


How's the toxic ozone production rate? Are safety goggles provided? What about porous surfaces where germs are shielded? A great $15 gadget for the OCD disinfector crowd. Give me soap and water and maybe a bit of peroxide any day.


@brasil221: I think most thought it was painfully obvious why this should get down-voted. It is a ridiculous piece of equipment. It would take forever to sanitize anything.
A quick spray of Lysol would do a better job.


@brasil221: So would you also give an up vote to a tin foil hat?

Maybe this is getting down votes because there's no benefit to having one.


Can of Lysol or a rag with some bleach would work just as well and would be quicker.


@fooknboomn: I have, actually. Caught a staph infection on my skin because the effing cleaning staff didn't change the sheets after the last people left.

That said, this is useless and wouldn't have helped me at all.


OK, people:

This is a good deal for what it is. Regular glass blocks UV, so the extra expense is unavoidable (as they must use an optical quartz tube.)

Will it magically solve all of your germ problems? No.

Should you avoid looking directly at the light so as not to "sunburn" your retinas? Yes.

Will it kill most of the germs that are exposed to the UV radiation? Hell yes.

There ya go.

Oh, btw, one of the best uses for these types of items is to place them just behind the filter of you home's air conditioning intake &/or near the fan itself. Bacteria build up quite a lot there & I'm guessing that most of you have never seen (much less cleaned) your AC unit's fan.

Note: Not OCD, just an environmental chemist and workplace safety guy. :)


Can I tan with this thing?


My Parents never needed something like this, nor do I.


@yakeshinu: what, are you some sort of human with a functional brain?

evidently contrary to the majority of wooters.


@kimberda: I wish I could up-vote your post x 1000.


I've got this. Really works. Removes urine odors, vomit odors,, etc.