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I got one of these from this site a few months ago and didn't have any problems. The remote works great and it arrived in a decent amount of time.


I also got one of these a few months ago, as an upgrade from an older Harmony. Never had a single problem with it.


This is a really great, standard Harmony remote. It doesn't add on the super high price for rechargeable batteries, but I only replace mine every month or three.

Best remote software/company in the biz.

Only caveats? My remote wigs out sometimes if me and my wife toss it to each other. I think the batteries might momentarily lose connection so we sometimes need to repress "watch TV" and hold our hand over the front to get back to normal. If people are saying these are refurb/sketchy, there may be more "loose connections" to watch out for.


Overall it looks like a really good price for a great model. I paid the same price at Circuit City when they were at the "please buy our shelves" level of going out of business sale.


I have purchased twice from this site. Nothing but problems both times. First they sent a genaric brand instead of the name brand they advertised then offered a partial refund (via site credit) then the second time around I received a defective item. After several emails back and forth I finally just gave up. They have my money and I threw away the items I received form them.

Buyer beware!


So the verdict is: good remote, bad seller. Right?


Don't know about Dailysteals, but I have this remote and love it. We have a higher model (bigger initial price tag) Harmony for our theater and this model in our bedroom. I actually like this one better! We bought it new at Sam's for only a couple bucks more (I think around $35 or $40??). At that price, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the other one we have, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Love the fact that it has a motion sensor that illuminates the entire remote when you pick it up! Even with that feature, we're still on the original batteries from Christmas!


I had a problem with DailySteals previous deal on the Harmony 650 remote:

My issues:
1) It took a while to receive and there was no tracking. I ordered on Jan 15, it shipped Jan 24 and received on Jan 27. If tracking were provided, I wouldn't have been annoyed. They claim to ship in 6 days or less.
2) The screen was completely shattered when it arrived.
3) It took almost a week to get DailySteals to authorize the RMA. They requested photos of the screen.
4) DailySteals puts the onus on the customer to ask for a return shipping label for RMA. When I asked about being reimbursed the $8 to ship the remote back they told me, "We usually send out prepaid shipping label when a customer asks for one so they don't have to pay for the return shipping. I have looked at the email thread and I do not see anywhere that you asked for one to be sent to you."


I've ordered from them a couple of times and been ok. They don't screw up -everything- but it does look like a lot of people get the short end.

As far as the remote goes, be aware that it only controls 5 devices. (Everything - tv, tuner, xbox, etc.) We have 8 plus a media center, so its not so good for us. (There is an older, B&W version that does 15 devices that we have used for a very long time without issues.)

Also, the app to program it is just a webapp wrapper. It is annoying at best, and occasionally buggy. It works, it just doesn't work well. (Or at least, for most people it works. Every time I program it I have to email support because the compiler crashes on the Silverstone/XBMC media center..)

And yes, tossing it around can cause the battery to briefly unplug and reboot. The hand-in-front trick works fine and (if your tv is smarter than ours) doesn't take long. (Our tv requires a 5s pause between "on" and "change input", so the whole cycle is about 7s instead of 2.)


Can't comment on the seller, but the remote is not too bad.
My only problem with it is if you bump it at all while it's in one of the "modes" (e.g. "watch a movie") it loses its mind and you have to hit the "mode" button again to get it back (which disrupts whatever you were doing)

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Never used them before, but ordered a portable scanner on 05/20/12 and a digital voice recorder on the 24th. Haven't heard a peep from 'em since.
Y'all's comments ain't encouraging...


I've never had a problem with the seller. Bought from them more than 5 times.


I've never had an issue with Dailysteals and I have more than 20 orders through them. They are just like every other online retailer. Some people have really bad experiences with them and they are the ones who think to review the site. The people who have no issues at all don't feel compelled to leave ratings, so you dont see as many good ratings as bad.

The only issue I have with is that you never know when you will get the item once ordered. I have see it take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. But, I have always, eventually, gotten what I ordered.


I've been looking for one of these for a while. I'll wait on it some more I guess.

You know what, it's all about the return/replacement policy. When things go bad, and the return policy is good then people still love the company.
I think in some instances even more than they would if the transaction had gone smoothly. When I purchase and it just arrives and works I'll probably not even remember where I bought it after a while...
You give me a damaged in transit item that's swiftly handled and I'll remember you forever and recommend you to friends.

While some bad reviews can be chalked down to scorned lovers, it gets a little suspicious when it's that many.