dealsvivitar professional aluminum camera hard caseā€¦


This was $9.99 yesterday and I forgot to buy it! Damn.

I had the window open and everything.. I went to measure my case and bam! My ADD stepped in and said "Sorry, bro.. not today." And here we are..

Hopefully it comes back soon..


@drchops: I think there was a shipping charge when it was $9.99. I could be wrong.


@mayonnaisydaisy: Nope! FREE! (it was a flash deal) That's why I was bummed.. I like these cases quite a bit - I've never used this brand, but I use this style. I'm guessing for $12 they're probably not very big, but I'd still like one.

Hopefully they come back, this is the 2nd or 3rd time at least they've been $9, so they probably will..

$12 is still good though, don't get me wrong.. I might buy one at that price too