dealsreader's digest 1 year subscription for $5.00


I would have been in for my grandfather, but the large print edition is full price. Too bad.


Perfect. Mine just ran out. Thanks!


I've never read Reader's Digest and this looked interesting, as I've obviously heard of it and the price is right. But reviews on Amazon ( suggest that while the magazine is all right, it's mostly ads these days and they make it a pain to unsubscribe or reclaim your personal info.

Personally, I get ESPN the Mag monthly and the giant, glossy, magazine is 75% frustrating ads... renewal is $1 and I'm considering dropping it. Not sure I want to bother as this price seems pretty attainable for ad-filled magazines. Maybe if I'd been reading for years and already knew I'd like it, which is probably who this deal appeals to the most. But impulse buy = checked.


Reader's Digest is the same as it ever was. A good read for the bathroom. That's where mine gets put when it comes in the mails. I got FOUR YEAR's worth for $10 some time ago through a link here. Still not half way through. The worst part? They started sending renewal notices two months in. I guess their core readership is in that forgetful age group and probably renews every two months.


@danoumas: The ONLY reason I keep ESPN the Mag is for the free ESPN Insider (online).


I subscribed to Reader's Digest and they spelled my name wrong on the subscription. Shortly after, I was bombarded with junk mail with the same incorrectly spelled name. I would never have had any idea how I ended up on so many mailing list if it had not been for this error. If you love tons of junk mail this is the magazine for you.